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Why It's Not Worth It To Pressure Wash Your Own Home

Why It’s Not Worth It To Pressure Wash Your Own Home

It has become increasingly common that homeowners are opting to do their own home improvement projects rather than contact a professional. In the age of the internet, it's easier to find information on how to complete these types of tasks—but is it worth it in the end? Read more to find out why in the case of pressure washing for your home it may be better to leave it to the professionals.


It takes a lot of training to be proficient at pressure washing. Knowing your equipment, understanding the settings, and knowing what care the material you're working on needs are all elements of mastering the technique. You probably won't be able to get the type of training you'd need if you're simply renting a pressure washer and going to town. This can lead to severe damage to the surfaces of your property that require full replacements in order to fix. A high-pressure stream of water is capable of gouging concrete, stripping wood, and peeling up shingles.


Let's say you manage not to damage any part of your property; the results you're going to get are still not going to be anything close to what a professional pressure washing company can achieve on any given day. Any pressure washing company worth its salt is going to be able to give you not only good-looking results but results that will last—something that would be nearly impossible to expect to attain as a novice pressure washer.

Time and Effort

Not only will your results look shrimpy next to that of the professionals, but your unfamiliarity with the process will also ensure that it will take you twice as long to complete. By the time you are able to complete your work, A Better Way Exterior Cleaning LLC could be there, complete the work, and your home will have dried from our treatment.


Though you may think the DIY path would be the cheaper option, you'd be mistaken for several reasons. If you're renting pressure washing equipment and not getting the long-lasting results of the professionals, you're renting multiple times for what could be a one-time session with a pressure washing company. Additionally, any damage you cause will be on your hands, so you will be expected to foot the bill for whatever repair costs are needed.

While attempting to take hold of the reins of your pressure washing project may seem like a tempting prospect, there are many reasons why doing so will end up causing more issues than it will solve at the end of the day. Contact a professional like A Better Way Exterior Cleaning LLC when you need pressure washing services for your home, from sidewalk cleaning to house washing, because we've got you covered.

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